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Different Ways to Wear A Knitted Dress

A knitted dress is best worn during the autumn or winter months, but with just the right accessories and the right foot wear, it can also be worn all year round. During the autumn and winter season, knit dresses can be worn with or without tights or leggings underneath and then polished off with a pair of knee boots for style and warmth, while a casual pair of thong sandals or gladiator sandals will make it suitable for summer or spring. A scarf or a belt on the waist can be a good way to show off some curves as well.

Knitted dresses are versatile and can be worn for all kinds of occasion, depending on the cut and print of course. A knit dress worn with a pair of knee boots and denim jacket is a good way to wear a knitted dress casually. For a smart casual way of wearing a knit dress, pair it off with tights, a short, heeled bootie or a classic heeled boot and accessorize with a satin scarf or belt that matches your boots. Cashmere and wool knitted dresses are a perfect alternative to an evening dress. Pair it off with a pair of peep toe pumps or a peep toe bootie with a high heel to keep it suitable for evening wear, top it off with a beaded cardigan or a wrap.

Knitted dresses are wash sensitive so you have to be able to know how to wash it properly to be able to preserve how it looks. Knitted dresses made of wool have a tendency to shrink when put in the dryer, to avoid this, it is best to air dry knitted dresses made of wool. Do not hang knitted dresses to dry, instead place them on a flat surface as it dries, this will prevent the material from stretching.

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  1. Matsumoto says:

    I have knitted dresses hidden somewhere in my closets, can’t wear them yet as my muffin top is really a protruding :D When I get to lose some weight I’ll definitely use them hihi….thanks for the tips!

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